Monday, January 2, 2012

Innocence in Jail - A Sex Offender for Life

My son accidentally downloaded some child porn thru Limewire 2 years ago. We have proof that it was an accident. He confessed under duress, but even so, it wasn't really a confession. The Feds cherry picked what they wanted, which ended up to be a few parts of sentences my son uttered while in the hands of Federal Ice Agents. 11 Fully Geared Agents to be exact, guns and weapons drawn. They swarmed my son's small home looking for a big child porn producer. All they found was a scared young man, who had a bit of pot sitting in the open, and a laptop with 2 child porn videos that were never viewed..he didn't see them among the 2319 other music videos he downloaded. . and 9 that were partially downloaded and deleted when he saw what they were.

I find it hard to believe in our country where we're supposed to be only for the truth that something like this can happen and there is no resolve. My son sites and rots in jail, he has no future. He will be on the sex offender registry for the rest of his life. He just spent his 2nd month and 22nd birthday in county jail. And it seems no one gives a shit.

Others are labeled 'sex offender' and shouldn't be. This is a lifetime label folks. And our government and law makers are happy with what they've done. It's hard to believe this is America.